1. Policy for the use of Motorcycles on the Historic and Conditional Registration Scheme (HCRS) NSW

Version 2.02 Last Updated 11 Dec 2013 by Jason Burton



These rules cover the use of motorcycles on the Historic and Conditional Registration Scheme and are based on conditions set out in the RTA (Now RMS) letter to the Club dated 14th May, 2002.

1.       The owner must be a financial member of the Club

2.       The registration label should be fitted in a suitable holder and mounted adjacent to the number plate facing to the rear. The registration label must be affixed so that all the information on the label is readable.

3.       The Certificate of Approved Operation for the vehicle must be carried in the vehicle or on the rider at all times

4.       Vehicles can only be used for:

·         Events organised by the Club, or another Club or recognised community organisations provided an official invitation has been received and documented by the Club in the official minutes or in the official "Day Book" which is held by the Permits Officer

·         Events as set out in the calendar of any secondary clubs listed on RMS Form 1259 and recorded under Special Conditions on the Certificate of Approved Operations

·         Attendance at Club and Branch annual general and monthly meetings

5.       Vehicles can be operated on road and road related areas for short journeys within a 20km radius of your home of where the vehicle is normally garaged for the following reasons ONLY

        for servicing, refuelling, repairs and the fitting of parts

        for the inspection and road testing prior to or following repairs

        to take part in processions, static displays and weddings (with the Club's approval) provided NO monies or remuneration is received by the owner, the Club or its members

If a longer journey is necessary for any of the above, the owner MUST notify the Permits Officer so that details of the trip can be entered in the official "Day Book".

6.       All other operation of the vehicle is expressly PROHIBITED including


        shopping trips

        social functions

        advertising for personal gain

7.       If a person desires to use the vehicle for any prohibited use, the owner would need to fully register the vehicle or obtain an unregistered vehicle permit from the RMS. Note than an unregistered vehicle permit cannot be issued to any vehicle that is registered and any numberplate on the vehicle would need to be removed.

8.       If the Conditional Registration expires and the owner does not renew their registration within 3 months of expiry, by law the numberplate must be removed and returned to an RMS motor registry within 14 days.

9.       Conditional Registration is not transferable. If a conditionally registered vehicle is sold, the registration must be cancelled and the plate must be returned to the RMS.


NOTE 1: Vehicles used contrary to the policy are deemed by the RMS to be “Unregistered and Uninsured”


NOTE 2: Member participation in the scheme is granted on the understanding that the members prime intended purpose is for club outings. The club committee retains the right to reconsider eligibility for issue or renewal should this cease to be the case

2. Checklist for Conditional Registration Procedure



1. Study the document styled “Policy for the use of motorcycles on the HCRS”

2. Complete RMS form 1246 – Application for Conditional Registration (Initial Registration only)


3. Complete RMS form 1259 –Historic Vehicle Declaration

Forms should be downloaded from the RMS website and completed prior to inspection


4. Inspection - To certify the bike is in a ‘safe’, operating condition

Option A. Inspection by CEMCC Machine Examiner

Contact details for the clubs authorised machine examiners can be found in the contacts section of the club magazine.

The examiner will inspect the machine for roadworthiness and complete Item 3 of the RMS 1259 form

Option B. Inspection by authorised RMS Inspection station

The inspection station will inspect your bike for roadworthiness and complete an RMS Pink Slip safety inspection report and provide you with a copy.

5. Certification - To certify the bike is ‘Eligible’, for Conditional Registration

You bike must be certified by a CEMCC Machine Examiner. The examiner will complete Item 4 of RMS form 1259 and affix their official club stamp if the following conditions are met;

        Machines must be 30 years of age or older as from the year of manufacture

        Machines must be as close to original condition as possible, with NO alterations except for safety features or period accessories and options, if desired

        Machines must be sighted by the examiner to confirm it’s eligibility

        The Machine Examiner will update their log of Machines Certified

        Modified / Special vehicles are not acceptable for registration under this scheme (Eg, Norvills, Trikes, Tritons)

        Members must be a financial member of the club (evidence must be produced), and if inspection is undertaken between 1st Nov and 31st Dec, the following years fees must be paid prior to inspection

6. Registration

This is done at an RMS office and you will require;

        The completed 1259 form

        The pink slip safety inspection (If certified by an RMS Inspection Station)

        The fee payable for registration

        Registration Renewal Letter or Purchase Receipt if 1st time registration

Annual Renewal Process (Repeat Steps 3 – 6)


3. Questions and Answers



Q. Can another person ride my bike if it is on conditional registration?

A. Yes, provided the rider accepts the terms and conditions of the conditional registration and holds an appropriate licence for the vehicle they can use the bike to attend approved club events


Q. Are Registration labels still required for bikes on conditional registration?

A. At this time vehicles on conditional registration are still required to display the registration label


Q. If you are late with your CEMCC membership renewal, how does this affect your legal status on the road?

A. When you register your bike, you must be a financial member of CEMCC. If you become unfinancial, your bike is no longer registered and you must hand back the plates to the RMS. CEMCC membership subscriptions are due before the 1st Jan each year and there is no grace period


Q. Can I have my bike inspected by an authorized RMS inspection station for Conditional Registration?

A. Yes, However you will still also be required to have Item 4 of the RMS form 1259 completed by an authorised club machine examiner


Q. How many bikes can I have on Conditional Registration?

A. There is no limit to the number of motorcycles an individual can register on Conditional Registration


Q. What happens if I get caught riding the motorcycle outside of the approved guidelines?

A. You face the risk of prosecution for riding an unregistered motorcycle and the CEMCC could lose the approval to participate in the HCRS


Q. Which clubs can issue ride invitations?

A. RMS recognises historic vehicle clubs that organise their own club plate events as well as “recognised community organisations.


Q. Does a motorcycle have to be a particular make to qualify for conditional registration?

A. No, All bikes irrespective of manufacturer are eligible for conditional registration


Q. Do I need a green slip for Conditional Registration

A. No, Third Party insurance (CTP Green Slip), is a component of the registration fee for vehicles registered under the Historical Conditional Registration Scheme (HCRS)

The club does recommend members take out comprehensive insurance in addition to this or Third Party Property insurance as a minimum